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Eiffel DelRosario


As Founding Partner and President of EDR Construction & Management, I focus on quality—furthering our dedication to project excellence, cultivating a loyal company culture and nurturing our client relationships. It’s my objective to continually uphold and advance industry standards through on-deadline, on-budget project completion and gleaming work that speaks for itself.


I am an expert in the New York City construction business, having worked with crews on the ground and in managing positions successfully overseeing all phases of residential and commercial production across the five boroughs and surrounding regions. My career background spans architectural groundwork, hands-on construction experience, and project management. I also hold a dual A.S. degree in Construction Management & Civil Engineering Technology.


I love working with bold thinkers, and I fill my team with hand-picked professionals who share my passion for long-term growth: skilled people who dedicate their time to first-rate results and who keep our company ambitious and relevant.

Shifting from the decadent high-rises of Manhattan to historical Brooklyn brownstones, I go where my clients take me. I listen with open ears, and I deliver quality. Genuine and driven, I am both an optimist and a realist; piloted by principles but compelled by results.

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