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Things to Consider When Looking for a Contractor

Undertaking a renovation of your home or commercial property is a major investment, both physically and mentally, but it can also be a gratifying venture. You should be as well-prepared as possible when searching for the perfect team to refresh your space. Here are some things to keep in mind during your hunt:

Know What You Want

This should be both your first stop and your most crucial step. Take the time to nurture your design dreams so that you can easily communicate a feasible project description to prospective contractors. A solid vision at the beginning will prepare your contractor to translate your ideas into reality and will ensure that you are thrilled with the finished results.

Consider your Guidelines

Draw out your blueprints, your budget and your timeline, and know what you are willing to negotiate and what you are not. If your timetable is firm, your budget may need to be flexible, or vice versa. Going into a project with a good understanding of your personal limits will create a better outcome for everyone.

Competition is Healthy

Receiving multiple bids for your project allows you to parse through the competition and decide who truly might be a good fit for your mission. Different people will have varying ideas on how to approach your remodel or renovation, and cost, method, work ethic, and timetables will vary from company to company. Don’t hesitate to shop around and find the best match with whom you feel at ease.

Verify, Verify, Verify

Is your contractor licensed, insured, and fully able to acquire all necessary permits? These are all questions for which you need solid answers. Be sure to verify all credentials before you sign a contract—and when you do come to contracts, be sure to read it thoroughly to make sure you know the exact terms of your agreement. Verification now leads to fewer headaches later.

Know Your Subcontractors

A contractor will bring his whole crew of expert masons, electricians, and plumbers into your home during the job process, so don’t be afraid to inquire further about his team. Background checks and outlined boundaries are also conditions you are entitled to set for the duration of your project. You should only choose a contractor whom you trust to hire qualified professionals; it’s okay to make your comfort and the safety of your home top priorities during your search.



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