How to Choose a Contractor

March 3, 2016

Gather Your Facts & Evaluate Credibility


When hiring a contractor, you should seek someone whose reputation is as solid as the steel which with he works. If you found your contractor through a referral, you’ve likely already vetted his reputation, but if not, verify with past clients that they were satisfied with the work, time, materials, and process. You can also check the Better Business Bureau and with your local consumer protection agency to make sure there are no unsettled disputes with either customers or subcontractors. The relationship between client and contractor is an intimate one, and before you settle on one company, you should be confident that past projects were well-received. A licensed contractor with an established reputation should be willing to furnish references upon your request and will have a proven history of positive problem resolution.


Consider the Big Budget Picture


While price is always an important gauge, remember that you should be sure that you’re also satisfied with your contractor’s work ethic, work history, personality, and promises. Bottom-dollar bids may not be well-matched with all aspects of your project. Weigh your expectations for the work, and in addition to discussing cost of materials, cost of labor and payment schedules, also make sure that you feel at ease with your contractor’s abilities and assurances.



Meet & Greet the Face Behind the Name


A contractor and his team will spend lengthy hours in your home or office during renovations, so it’s integral that you are both comfortable and able to effectively communicate. Face-to-face meetings will allow you to get a feel for your contractor’s personality and attentiveness, so you can ensure that he values your project requirements and the quality of the end result as much as you do. If your contractor is an effective communicator, any bumps along the way with your project will be quick to resolve, and the open line of communication will ensure a seamless journey through the renovation or remodeling process.




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